Soulcraft has ratings and 47 reviews. Avonlea said: Plotkin is an eco- therapist and wilderness guide, who writes about what he terms the soul, and. Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft is just such a book. Charting a course through the underworld pathways with the heart of a shaman, mapping the powers of myth and. 28 Aug Since , depth psychologist Bill Plotkin has been guiding women and men into the wilderness—the redrock canyons and snow-crested.

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The book lays out basic components to initiation, which is helpful. In the contemporary Western world, we live as if the spiritual descent is no longer plootkin or with no awareness that such a journey is meant for soulcraft bill plotkin one of us, not just for the heroes and heroines of mythology.

Soulcraft: Crossing into the Mysteries of Nature and Psyche

Plotkin is clearly an idealist, and this book is the articulation of those lofty ideals, meaning that Soulcraft, while utterly compelling, is hardly relatable as he refuses, or is unable to, soulcraft bill plotkin the middle ground between his voices and speak to normal people on their level. In the contemporary Western world, we live as if the spiritual descent is no longer necessary or with no awareness that such a journey is meant for each one of us, not just for the heroes and heroines of mythology.

I’ve found the book immeasurably soulcraft bill plotkin, not just personally, but in my professional practice as a coach and somatic therapist.

Want to Read saving…. In the substance of what he soulcraft bill plotkin written, in the clarity of his presentation, and in the historical urgency of the subject, he has guided us far into the new world that is opening up before us.

Sincedepth psychologist Bill Plotkin has been soulcraft bill plotkin women and men into the wilderness — the redrock canyons and snow-crested mountains of the American West — but also into the wilds of the soul. Plotkin has wandered again and again into the nourishing darkness, and has returned with this earthly bundle of insights and images — talismanic tools for awakening to the outrageous depths both within us and all around us. Our human psyches possess astonishing resources that wait soulcraft bill plotkin us, but we might not even know they exist until we discover how to access them and soulcraft bill plotkin their powers, their untapped potentials and depths.


Aside from these stories, the book was quite transformational and really eye opening. Especially given that the nature of the anecdotes are rather esoteric and of course, done on solo journeys with no witnesses I had a hard time believing in some of them or they felt fabricated to read.

Bill Plotkin’s Soulcraft is just such a book. This is the soul that Plotkin writes about in Soulcraft. In summary, it started as a reasonable read with some interesting ideas, but was lacking in constraint, focus, and a certain je ne sais quoi that would have kept me more engaged.

He devotes much of the book to writing about adventuring in the wilds soulcraft bill plotkin going on vision quests; but he barely touches on soulcraft bill plotkin practical bi,l of such an endeavor, or provide recommendations for developing practical skills before embarking on these adventures and quests. Oct 01, Jason Mulligan rated it it was amazing. Just a moment while we sign you in to soulcraft bill plotkin Goodreads account.

Explains osulcraft what, why and how of vision quests and other ‘soul work’. It didn’t help that, along the way, it just got way way too out there for my personal tastes with far more bad than good.

Other editions – View all Soulcraft: Endorsements “Here is an abundantly wise and carefully crafted survival guide for the wild soul currently dozing or dying at the heart of your civilized life. Here is my suggested title in the language of soulcraft bill plotkin Why did I love Soulcraft?

Bill Plotkin and his books – Soulcraft Australia

I found his writing to be honest and thorough if not a little dr This is one soulcraft bill plotkin the books with a lot of information. Soulcraft masterfully explores the deep and mystical connections between the human psyche, soul, and nature and does it using soulcraft bill plotkin, eloquent language to describe richly nuanced ideas about spirituality, wholeness, initiation, and truth.

Please read this book. Worn-thin pages about the trekking to Your Soul. I probably read it because: To do so, he suggests a radical life disruption involving nature, things like vision quests, mountaintop fasts, and group rituals much of which he offers in his own practice. This to me was when I started to doze off. The result is one of those great finds.


Filled with stories, poems, and guidelines, Soulcraft introduces over 40 practices that facilitate the descent to soul, including dreamwork, wilderness vision fasts, talking across the species boundaries, council, self-designed ceremony, nature-based shadow work, and the arts of romance, being lost, and storytelling.

I was completely interested and hooked in at the beginning of this book; but I felt my interest in it dwindling as I went along. He goes on a few soulcraft bill plotkin leaps and bounds, asserting several times, for instance, that we are reincarnated souls.

I’m seeking to meet others who incorporate soulcraft soulcraft bill plotkin into their daily lives. Each stage is illuminated by the pairing of a human archetype with an Earth archetype: If you dare to sing your true song, you shall inherit the beauty and terror of your deeper life.

My key reservation is the length of the examples. A distillation of 20 years soulcraft bill plotkin ‘work’ in these varied disciplines This book is incredible. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Holy crap, I finally finished reading it.

He soulcraft bill plotkin this work soulcraft. For instance, he goes on at great length about the benefits of fasting; but, never once does he seem obliged to forewarn anyone that fasting soulcraft bill plotkin not be for everyone, or that it may be advisable to see a doctor before fasting for long lengths of time. Sincedepth psychologist Bill Plotkin has been guiding women and men into the wilderness — not just the outer wilderness of redrock desert canyons and snow-crested mountain ranges of the American West — but, more to the point, into their inner wilderness, the wilds of the soul.