Samsung Camera NV24HD User Manual – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Samsung NV24HD-Black Digital Cameras Camera download pdf instruction manual and user guide. Preview Samsung Cameras NV24HD User’s Manual Online and Download PDF Manuals & Instructions for FREE from

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Correct disposal of batteries in this product Applicable in the European Union and other European countries with separate battery return systems. The speed or specific light-sensitivity of a camera is rated in ISO numbers. Starting the slide show Images can be displayed continuously at pre-set samsung nv24hd manual.

Scene menu Use the menu to easily configure optimal settings for a variety of shooting situations. You can extract part of the image that you want samsung nv24hd manual save it separately. Settings will not be restored to their defaults.

Starting the recording mode Recording the movie clip without sound You can record the movie clip without sound. Check whether the Removable Disk is on the samsung nv24hd manual Computer]. Samsung nv24hd manual of features Bottom Cradle Optional You can recharge your rechargeable battery, transfer a captured image to print, and download images with saamsung cradle optional. To start the slide show, press the Start menu button.


Maual will be taken continuously until the shutter button is released. You can use the samsung nv24hd manual with Mac OS Setup menu Shutter sound You can select the shutter sound. Specifications Flash – Modes: Press the extension menu button.

The captured image is saved under a new file name. To buy the optional equipment, contact your nearest Samsung dealer samsung nv24hd manual Samsung service centre. No effect is added to the image.

Samsung NV24HD Manuals

A selected image displays in this window. Instructions Getting to Know samsung nv24hd manual camera Use this camera in the following order. Even if the battery and AC charger are removed and inserted again, the language setting will be preserved. Select the pictures to be printed and how samsung nv24hd manual prints to make. If the memory card is inserted in the camera, all the camera functions apply only to the memory card.

The camera can now play back the images stored in the memory. The distance ranges are show below. sajsung

Samsung NV24HD-Black Camera download instruction manual pdf

It does not support H. Samsung nv24hd manual contacting a service centre Image distortion appears in the picture. Pictures can be adjusted prior to shooting. Continuous shooting samsung nv24hd manual available while pressing and holding the shutter button About 2 frames per second. Starting play mode Turn the camera on and select Play mode by pressing the play mode samsuny. Use the Smart button to select the menu. Wear and tear on the memory card is not covered by the Samsung warranty.


Cancel the [Delete All]. If the camera status lamp blinks, please wait until the lamp has finished blinking and is constantly on. Use the menu to easily configure optimal settings for samsung nv24hd manual variety of sajsung situations. Specifications Before contacting a service centre Image distortion appears in the picture. It will track faces within the samsung nv24hd manual if they move around, and it can lock onto multiple samsung nv24hd manual at a time with no problems.

Samsung NV24HD-Black instruction manual and user guide

Pictbridge PictBridge You can use the USB cable to connect this camera to a printer that supports PictBridge sold separately and print the stored images directly Movie clips and voice files cannot be printed. Auto Focus lamp You can turn the Auto Focus lamp on and off. When taking pictures of yourself, your face is samsung nv24hd manual detected so that you samsung nv24hd manual take self portraits more easily and quickly.

Image Play – Type: