Redi-Set-Go Recipe Blog. likes. We offer a collection of recipes and tips for your GT Xpress , Xpress Redi-Set-Go, or Xpress Platinum Indoor Grill. 20 Jul Preheat your GT or Redi Set Go (with 2 moon insert). Now the recipe below is for one person, but you can make two servings in 10 minutes. Does this sound familiar? You got your new Xpress redi set go and start cooking in it. You like it so much that you use it every day. Then one day looking through.

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Saturday, May 17, Western Sammy with Cheese.

Archives ThriftyFun is one of the longest running frugal living communities rdei the Internet. For this recipe you need the GT XPress machine.

On The Go eBay.

Xpress Platinum Countertop Cooker. Recipes for Xpress September 29, 0 found this helpful. By Hopeithelps Guest Post. Found one but didn’t have any inserts. Kathleen Collins January 1, at 7: Could someone help me get my redi set go recipes back, when I call the number, Redi set go recipes get this foreign women that I can’t understand and continue saying the same thing to me over and over like a robot.


Close roll, cut in half, and pop into the wells just to crisp. Questions Ask a Question Here recipe the questions asked by community members. By cindy lowery [1 Comment]. Collared Greens Clothing Brand. I’m thinking the new Platinum must have been improved.

GT Xpress 101 and Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker Recipes

Title is “Meat Heaven”. Perhaps refipes can ask the monitor if you can send me your email request, or if they will forward it to me and I can send them to you. I got it from the second hand store so it redi set go recipes have any recipes so I been looking recipes. The link to the manual has been updated. Title is “Cathy’s Favorites”.

Maryann’s GT Xpress 101 Recipes

This recipe originally called for push cart onions “n sauce” in a jar, but I have no idea what that is or even where to find it, so I just used onion instead until I can find it. This is a scramble, not an recopes. Lisa Vertullo March 5, at But since they are no longer being produced, there isn’t any particular place to get them. Life has been redi set go recipes. I got a ready set go but th to extra ser are not with it I would live to have the half pan and the one with the holes.

Cut the roast between the ties of twine, and you will have pinwheels that are 2″ thick. Do not use SteakUmms or else it will get redi set go recipes to greasy and messy everywhere to clean up. Add to Guide Ask a Question. I really commend u on the help redi set go recipes gave the ladies dilemma above and would sooooooo appreciate your help with mine. Kathleen Collins December 30, at 1: This is not your average Western sandwich.


May 29, 0 found this helpful.

GT Xpress and Xpress Redi Set Go Cooker Recipes | ThriftyFun

By Ann Hubbs [14 Comments]. See All Recipes I’m a diabetic, but love the Xpress Saturday, April gp, Cajun Chicken Melt. We just love them, and they are so easy! Their customer service possibly can order back cook book for GT Xpress I have many recipes, I could send.

redi set go recipes

Please share your solution! Poke the top of each pastry once with a fork to vent. By allean Guest Post.