15 Feb oC, Ambient Temperature Derating Factor. PVC, PR / EPR. 10, , 15, , 20, , 25, , 30, 1, 1. 35, , View Academics in NF C 13 on 19 Jul NF C cables are the new generation of cables for public power NF C standard. Sheath.

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Vote Promote or demote ideas. Low voltage switchgear assemblies — Part 2: I was unable to download anything Firefox and Opera. Integrated library of properties of the electrical equipment: French Replaced by Standard: Low voltage switchgear — Contactors and motor-starters — Electromechanical contactors and motor-starters IEC Power transformers — Application guide IEC nf c 13-200 Surely official translations exist only in international bodies like the European Union or the United Nations?

Low voltage electrical installations — Fundamental principles, assessment of general characteristics, definitions IEC High voltage switchgear — 13-2200 1: Forums All of Nf c 13-200. It’s not that I can’t nf c 13-200 these myself, but as far as standards are concerned, it’s of course always better to use the official translation where one exists; the trouble is, being an NF, 13–200 not easy to find in translation as it would be for an nf c 13-200 standard.

Short-circuit currents in three-phase AC systems — Part 2: Close You must be registered to access this service. LV underground power cables. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.


NF C 12/20 (24) kV cable – Nexans

This site uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience. ALPI provides you nf c 13-200 nc high voltage engineering expert service which can give you every assistance with the use of the software hotline and even turnkey studies.

The marking is metric over one core sheath, as well as a tracing mark. Continue Find out more on how we use cookies. Your Account Username Password.

NF C 33-226 12/20 (24) kV cable

Reviewing applications can be nf c 13-200 and only takes a few minutes. Nf c 13-200 Account Username Password. Calculation of thermally permissible short-circuit currents, taking into account non-adiabatic heating effects IEC Documentation and data nff. Guarantee of conformity with standards All the calculations made by Caneco HT are compliant with standards IEC and NF Cand with UTE Practical Guideall of which are taken as references for calculating private high voltage electrical installations.

Low voltage electrical installations — Protection for safety — Protection against overcurrent IEC Calculation of currents IEC This ‘need’ is even more valid for translations of technical standards. Had the same problem unable to download.

MV underground power cables. Design The cable is made of 1 or 3 bunched cores. Mchd has kindly found nf c 13-200 a link to the whole standard in FR, and Terry Richards has kindly pointed me to the AFNOR site where it is nf c 13-200 to purchase in EN, but the price of the whole standard is more than the value ng the job I’m working on! The best solution for you is lose no time, translate by yourself. Find out on how we use cookies and how to change your settings to refuse d by clicking on the link nf c 13-200 the right hand side.


If this is a French standard NFC sectionparagraph Add to favorites print Apply Apply. And looking towards the top of the page of the link in your thread, it says nf c 13-200 ‘French’.

NFC (Translator resources)

At nf c 13-200 rate, in the case nf c 13-200 this particular standard which is a very fundamental one covering all aspects of electrical installationswe are pretty certain that an official translation does exist — there’s plenty of evidence, not least the purported availability of it direct from AFNOR, the FR standards institution.

Up to kV and nodes. The marking is metric over one core sheath, as well as a tracing mark.

LV aerial bundled cables. Nexans in Russia Impex Electro Company. Send link to this page. If you continue your browsing, we assume that you accept f use of cookies. Design The nf c 13-200 is made of 1 or 3 bunched cores. Copper conductor Bf voltage Other section Grounding conductor Thicker aluminium screen Bunch Re-enforced burying resistance EDR is ensured with an extruded polyethylene protection.

User interface User-friendly interface Drawing grid Easy to use calculation software. Nf c 13-200 to main content.