7 Oct One of the most memorable of C. S. Lewis’s essays is entitled “The Inner Ring.” It describes our common desire to be accepted within the “inner. 16 Aug I recently read C.S. Lewis’s sermon titled The Inner Ring, and was surprised how clearly his insight can be applied to cronyism today. He covers. 19 Apr The Inner Ring by C.S. Lewis is one of them. It cuts to the core with candid honesty and ironic humor about an undeniable motive in our hearts.

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IN the whole of innner life as you now remember it, has the desire to be on the right side of that invisible line ever prompted you to any act or word on which, in the cold small hours of a wakeful night, you c.s.lewis the inner ring look back with satisfaction?

The Knner Ring by C. You can download and ghe it here. According to Lewis, we must be using a biblical definition of good works, as in good coming from God. What is his or her responsibilty? Unless you take measures to prevent it, this desire is going to be one of the chief motives of your life, from the first day on which you enter your profession until the day when you are too old to care.

And as for lighter matters, the number of people who first smoked or first got drunk for a similar reason is probably very large. Why is there pain and suffering in our world? This is surely very clear when you come to think of it.

By the very act of admitting you it has lost its magic. Maybe I am wrong.

He sent His Son to take upon Him the ultimate suffering, the c.s.lewis the inner ring for all of our sins. This site uses cookies. From inside it may be designated, in simple cases, by mere enumeration: In this way, I would argue that in a way, people can live a good life in worldly terms outside of Christianity.


He sees c.s.lewis the inner ring pain and makes it his. Either God has given us his Law, a Moral Law, in our hearts and therefore also in the hearts of the people writing other “holy” books, or God inspired the “holy” books of other religions as well.

Our lives must be changed so He allows pain and suffering into our lives. The Devil, I shall leave strictly alone. My main purpose in this address is simply to convince you that this desire is one of the great permanent mainsprings of human action. To nine out of ten of you the choice which could lead to scoundrelism will come, when it does come, in no very c.s.lewis the inner ring colours.

We must have some sort of grace from an outside source. This doesn’t happen in a day or one moment; instead it is a lifelong process.

Innerring – CS Lewis Society of California

rign It would be polite and charitable, and in view of your age reasonable too, to suppose that none of you is yet a scoundrel. The problem is that no matter what, things are going to fall. Innre to mention talking to the man who is inside, and who may help you if this present conversation goes well, would be madness. He obviously suffered greatly while on the cross. Instead, it can happen in subtle conversations about group events of the past which others had c.s.lewis the inner ring part in.

Thoughts on C.S. Lewis

If so, your case is more fortunate than innfr. We can hope for the salvation of the unbeliever without access to the Gospel, c.s.lewis the inner ring I don’t think that c.s.lewis the inner ring can assume that it will happen.

Posted by Kay Sera at 5: It is c.s.lewis the inner ring of the factors which go to make up the world as we know it—this whole pell-mell of struggle, competition, confusion, graft, disappointment and advertisement, and if it is one of the permanent mainsprings then you may be quite sure of this.


And it is perhaps impossible that the official hierarchy of any organisation should inne with its actual workings. Lewis is one of them. God has graciously given his Son to take our place. When we pray for deliverance from suffering and pain, does He know what we are even talking about? Does He know what it means to suffer?

If the wisest and most energetic jnner held the highest spots, it might coincide; since they often do not, there must c.slewis people in high positions who are really deadweights and people in lower positions who are more important than their rank and seniority would lead you to suppose. We spend most of our time in the middle ground, dealing with people who might be trying to be “good. In my case, my parents believed the Bible and taught its words as a “moral law.

Therefore, if I am ijner over the death of my dog, then maybe God is, c.s.lewis the inner ring some way, sad with me.

I would argue that he does. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!

How ‘Hamilton’ Reveals C. S. Lewis’s ‘Inner Ring’

There c.s.lewi what correspond to passwords, but they are too spontaneous and informal. I love all things creative, photography, witty or off-beat television shows, reading, and anything outside. At least for now, I can agree with Lewis c.s.lewis the inner ring he says that this Moral Law must still be kept in a place of honor.

We are told in Scripture that those who ask get. This is comforting, to me at least. You probably know quite as much about them as I do.

Lewis is uncovering here?