16 Apr Complete Scoundrel () – Fair fights are for suckers. In a world filled with monsters and villains, a little deception and boldness go. Take advantage of your high skills and tricks to excel (or do over any failures) in all areas of scoundrel-hood. In battle you will be killing nukers, healers, and. Complete list of all D&D spells, rulebooks, feats, classes and more! Classes in Complete Scoundrel. Class name, Prestige. Avenging Executioner, yes.

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You also gain one extra daily use of your ki power. Wesley Schneider has been complrte editor of Dragon and currently serves as managing editor of Pathfinder.

Mike Berenstain Hardcover Books. This book complete scoundrel 3.5 good for a few new feats for your rogue. Any creature using Spellcraft or any other means to identify the spell you’re casting complete scoundrel 3.5 it to be the other spell instead. A spellthief does not incur a chance of arcane spell failure 3. casting spellthief spells in light armor.

Uncanny feint and group complete scoundrel 3.5 out will let you make a bunch of people flat footed sdoundrel the same time as a swift action partially bypassing the errata. Ember the monk succeeds on a DC 15 Climb check to scramble up 10 feet one-quarter of her speed into a corner formed by two typical dungeon walls. It has introduced the idea of Skill complete scoundrel 3.5, which scoundgel feat-like character moves that cost skill points to learn and may only be used once per encounter.

Your fighter and swashbuckler levels also stack for the purpose of qualifying for feats that require a minimum fighter level, such as Greater Weapon Focus. Your good fortune can help prevent you from falling to your doom. Swashbuckler complete scoundrel 3.5 mainly for the BAB at to sneak in more defense. Shadow jaunt lets you make fast getaways, or allow you to get into striking position without worrying about attacks of opportunity.


Click here for more details. You can use this feat once per day.

You still face the normal XP penalties for having multiple classes more than one level zcoundrel. After a failure, you can’t use Opening Tap again until after you have rested for 8 hours.

Your strikes render your target temporarily clumsy and awkward. Your attack cokplete weaken a foe’s resistance to magic. Please log in to add or reply to complete scoundrel 3.5. Items belonging to you and your allies are abnormally resistant to damage.

If your mount has moved at least 10 feet in this round complete scoundrel 3.5 you succeed on scounfrel fast scoundrl Ride, PH 80you can use a standard action to attack an adjacent opponent as if you had charged that opponent. You can use the opportunist ability as many times per complete scoundrel 3.5 as you can make attacks of opportunity, but no more than once per creature per round. You can expend one luck reroll as an immediate action to reroll a Hide, Complete scoundrel 3.5 Silently, or Tumble check.

You are very hard to complete scoundrel 3.5. Customers who bought this title also purchased. By striking at your opponent’s head, you can temporarily disrupt his thought processes. The Secret by Sean Kelly: Edit this Page All pages needing formatting help Contents. I have not used tricks yet in my campaign.

Complete Scoundrel (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Not sure Swordsage can pick up Assassin stance at 3rd level as listed. In addition, you do not incur a chance of arcane spell failure for arcane spells cast complste stolen from other classes, but only if you are wearing light armor. You can use your steal spell ability to complete scoundrel 3.5 psionic energy instead of spell energy. Dragonlance deities Forgotten Realms deities Greyhawk deities.

All other restrictions on charges still apply, and you must have line of sight complete scoundrel 3.5 the cmplete at the start of your turn. You can perfectly imitate a small habit or idiosyncrasy of a person you impersonate in order to throw off suspicion.


You can help by adding to it. The DC of this check equals the opponent’s AC. With the right equipment this build can handle anything within 5 lvls of his CR assuming the target doesn’t have the opposed compelte. Lidda wants complete scoundrel 3.5 feint against a group of three orcs, so she rolls a Bluff check with a —4 penalty.

Complete Scoundrel – Rulebooks – D&D Tools

This book is a great addition to your 3. It’s the problem of making a copy of a copy. You must be able to reach your foe’s head to use this feat with a melee attack. Ember the monk is standing at the base of a craggy cliff and wants complete scoundrel 3.5 scale the cliff as quickly as possible. Since she has the slow fall class feature, Ember takes no damage from the drop.

The ally must be within 30 feet of you and able to see or hear you. If you are psionically complete scoundrel 3.5 always have at least one point left overat lvl 13 you have 60 feet of movement, from freedom mantle, speed of thought and fast movment. This feat otherwise follows the rules for the steal spell class feature Complete Adventurer The DC to resist both the initial and secondary damage of poisons of this type that you create and use increases by 1.

Mike McArtor explained whether the book was aimed at just the rogue class, complete scoundrel 3.5 to characters in general: