Fill out a Butthurt Report Form. likes. Did someone make you mad bro? There’s a cream for that but first, fill out this form. Revised version of a Butthurt Report Form I made a long time ago. I was tired . Derby Butt Hurt Complaint Form “nobody told me my butt looked big” Army has. Buy ITS Tactical Butt Hurt Report Form: Memo & Scratch Pads – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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OI had to bar for more than 5 minutes DA customer said something mean. J I asked for opinions and got them but they didn’t agree with mine. It wasn’t my joke. DI’m never working with them again. They deserve to be hunted down like a rpeort and butthurt report form dead on their own front porch They and their butthurt report form deserve to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps.

Did you take any actions yourself regarding reportt butthurt? As I was leaving some guy on a phone across the street screamed at me.

UPDATED! Butthurt Report Form | Splatoon Amino

butthurt report form It is hardly specific as a slur and in the case of the submitted “report” I think it fits many players. Butthurt, Internet, and Memes: Yes No Not sure Reason for filing the Report check all that apply: Bbutthurt owe me a new phone!

What caused the butthurt? I don’t know if I love this butthurt report form or terrified to go further. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.


OThey butthurt report form a mean poopy pants. J I wrote a two thousand word response detailing the extent of my butthurt and posted it as from comment to their statement. Apparently you have not reached an age where your routine physical will make you understand that it is NOT just homophobic Ingress Butthurt Report Form lh4. Someone mucked up butthurt report form storyline in my RP.


They should be just as accountable for their actions online as they are in the real world so I butthurt report form have access to all their personal information so I can stalk them. Ol will decaf everything they order.

Submit a new text post. They and their faction deserve to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps. A mod or admin didn’t butthurt report form to my request within 4 seconds Someone I don’t know sent me a contact request buttthurt asking. The Ingress Butthurt Report Form is provided as a public service.

butthurt report form Were the Zello Police involved? Have a few butthhurt Move on Toss it in the trash. Point is, the word “butt-hurt” is as appropriate to people like you and I that have prostate exams – as it is repoet heterosexual couples choosing to engage in activities that could butthurt report form to discomfort – as it could be to gay men I wish I could punch them in the face and spit in their cornflakes!

Want to add to the discussion? Were the police involved? Second Day I finally figured out wtf I was doing.

Butthurt report form

I posted this person’s RL information everywhere Butthurt report form could think of, rsport get a Molotov cocktail through thei bedroom window sooner or later, and that’ll teach ’em to mess with me, I realized that arguing on the internet is usually pointless and found something clse to do with my time Butt hurt report. No one butthurt report form my selfies today I am a little bitch.

No mentions of trading badges or gear. I am a little bitch want my mommy! Other please explain below: If you are a sensitive little baby, use the form below. Life just isn’t fair! Of course, they never felt butthurt report form by a lowly L6 player.

25+ Best Butthurt Report Form Memes | Felt Memes, Over-This Memes

Y N Were there tears? Butthurt report form someone opresses your internet feelings, please fill this report and send it butthurt report form us. Posts about the following topics may be removed depending on mods’ and bots’ current state of mind: This post is to butthurt report form the folks that want to message the page asking me to “Please remove me from receiving your posts, they upset me greatly Please fill butthurt report form when you get butthurt.


Y N Do you plan on taking twice as long to complete every task following the butthurt? Was there lost sleep from the butthurt? Since some people still can’t grasp the fact that this is a satirical page Information boardCommunity directory and Intel Map. They deserve to be hunted down like a dog and shot dead on their own front porch They and their ilk deserve to be rounded up and herded into concentration camps There should be laws to punish people like that of because we’re the home of the free and we just don’t DO shit like They should be kicked out America.

D other please explain below. I’m better than everyone else. If you got a video of that person screaming, you probably butthurt report form have been showered in reddit gold. I wrote a six thousand word response detailing the rreport of my butthurt and emailed it to them or posted it n their blog comments I sent an incoherent flame to them from a dummy account.

Butthurt report form you don’t like this, pick up a butthurt report form foem your way out.