30 Apr Explore the popular test automation frameworks for HP’s UFT (formerly In the Business Process Testing (BPT) Automation Framework the test. QTP Frameworks Basics Different types of Frameworks used in QTP. . Business Process Testing (BPT) Framework in QTP . Posts about bpt framework in qtp written by Bibek Khatiwara.

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After adding the required function libraries, shared object repositories and making necessary settings you can save your application area.

6 Popular Test Automation Frameworks for UFT (QTP)

Data Warehousing R Programming. You could enter some default value which can be used if you didn’t pass any value from the Component. In the Pre-Condition section, mention frwmework status that is required to use this Component. If you have input parameters kn is displayed in bpt framework in qtp column. It’s certainly been worthwhile in my experience. It is a logical entity, which you cannot see the physical existence in a file system. It is performed step-by-step to confirm that all business rules bpt framework in qtp working correctly and when any deviation is found the defects are logged.

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Or say, I have changed the requirement adding a step in the registration process, then here are all the tests that need to be updated and run. Enables us to execute the Business process tests and view bpt framework in qtp results.

Quick, efficient, utilization of expertise, easy implementation of standards are some strong features which make BPT a powerful testing technique. Audit Log tab displays a list of changes made to different fields, time stamp and user details.

Application area contains shared object repositories, function libraries and all other settings required to automate the Components. One can say, I made a change in framweork Login module, here are all the tests you want to run.

But it could be good if a real time example has provided in the article. Role 2 Automation Engineer: Keywords Bpt framework in qtp pane displays the all the built-in methods, all the User-defined functions in function libraries and the objects in bot object repository.


What You Will Learn: If you want to delete any iteration, first select the iteration and click on the ‘Delete Iteration’ the selected iteration is removed. For example, ‘flows’ and ‘steps’ are associated with components. It is similar to Testing our bpt framework in qtp script with all possible ways qgp and negative and data to check the accuracy of the script.

Business Process Testing(BPT) Framework in QTP/UFT

When you click on the import option it will show File bpt framework in qtp box to allow us to select the required file as shown below. In the Discussion area, you can add comments related to Component. You can create one application area for the whole application or as many as application areas for the different parts of the application depending on the requirement.

It’s not bpt framework in qtp for an enterprise to have or more tests. BPT helps indulge Business Analysts in the automation process. At times, you need to use the similar Components in the same order in multiple BPTs.

First Business Component that opens browser and enters login credentials BC2: BPT just gives you an easy way to expose parameterised blocks of code outside the automation team.

UFT BPT Framework is it worth it?

Listening to their pitch, it seems like it’s a way of organize tests by requirements and components. Normal Debug Debug Mode: Business Analyst Project Management Informatica. Fantastic and bpt framework in qtp useful article, especially this will be used when testing will be required to perform by scenario level or use case level of any requirement. Software Test Engineer at Evoke Technologies.

We did something like BPT but it was custom written. I’m slowly coming around to it You can mention a brief description of the parameter. Even you can also import input parameters from external comma separated file and you can export the list parameters you used for a particular Component using import bpt framework in qtp export options. When you run Component in this mode, by default it adds a breakpoint at first line of the Component, which will help us to debug the Component line by line.


I haven’t used BPT.

bpt framework in qtp | Automation Lab:- A touch of madness!

If you have output parameters it is displayed in this column. Create the bpt framework in qtp folder so that you can create all your application related Components in one place. If you want to run only selected iterations you bpt framework in qtp use the ‘Select Iterations’ and you can range of iterations which you want run as shown below. Unless there has been improvements though framewor, keyword view for BPT in QC doesn’t allow you to use control structures so can end up with a whole bunch of duplicated code if you let them do that, although you can write your own keywords as well that do more than just click, select etc.

What is API Testing? You can even add any recovery scenarios which you want to associate with the application area using the Recovery options. What is Environment Variable?

The Description tab, has three sections Summary, Pre-condition and Post-condition. An Automation Engineer is an expert in automation testing tools.

Lets study the various tabs on the component I. I you selected the Map parameter dialog box will displayed in which you need to map the Column headings in the file to parameters in the Component.