From : ‘The Elite’: Kiera Cass talks about the sequel to ‘The Selection’ – Author Kiera Cass talks about how she initially *thought* she knew which guy. The One by Kiera Cass. This the third book in The Selection Series. It was a fantastic conclusion to the series: sad, but so good, and I& thrilled by the ending. This Pin was discovered by Brigitta Barta. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest.

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A Escolha | Media – Read paid books for free. Publish and earn money!

America asks the help of Aspen to get her a escolha kiera cass Maxon to meet August. He asks her again about her feelings for him and he kisses her passionately to “force” her to finally admit her love. He insists that the Northern rebels actually support the monarchy and especially Maxon. As an only solution, she offers her earrings, her bracelet, and a escolha kiera cass father’s necklace to the man, to pay off his debt to the king, thus releasing him from jail.

When Maxon asks him what exactly they want from him, if not money, August says that they want him to choose America as his wife, as they admire her for every brave thing she has done. Lucy comes in at that moment and she and Aspen kiss, with America finally realizing and approving of their relationship.

May has adjusted to excolha royal life and has become the “media darling”. August and Gavril take America to the hospital where she reunites with Aspen, who is severely injured but alive.

America, although she supports their goals, is also angry that they want her as their pawn. The King calls America and Maxon some days later to his office and a escolha kiera cass them that the Italian royal family has invited the King’s family to Italy, also asking for America to accompany them.

Dancing under the rain, they kiss passionately. Aspen confesses to America that he still cares a lot about her, but isn’t in love with her anymore. America talks to Aspen about what he saw, escollha her hands on his chest.


It was released on May 6, A escolha kiera cass admits that she is jealous of her and afraid of her own future, because her career as a model will finish when she grows older. Maxon admits that he and America still argue sometimes, although this has died down a lot. Suddenly, Southern rebels dressed as guards start shooting, killing Celeste and Anne among many people. America organizes a party for Maxon’s birthday.

The Northerners managed escloha fight back the Southerners with the weapons Nicoletta and America had secretly given them. One morning, America finds Celeste crying alone in the library, because of the sudden popularity America gained after the last Report.

Maxon refuses to let them force a escolha kiera cass into this decision. The One with Dolls! That night, they both dress as Sixes.

A Escolha – Kiera Cass

He leaves in a escolha kiera cass hurry and America feels ashamed. Maxon later leaves to get ready for the engagement announcement. He tells her his decision about dissolving the castes, starting with the Eights merging with the Sevens and so on.

During the party, Maxon and Aspen have a conversation about married life. Realizing that America is too valuable and popular, the King decides that she can stay. Maxon finally realizes that Aspen was the man America had in mind all these months. Now she’s made her choice. In this event, the Elite must publicly and in front of the royal family condemn some criminals to jail, instead of whipping. The Selection changed America Singer ‘s life in ways she never could have imagined.

America recognizes her as the girl who saw her hiding up in a tree in The Elite a escolha kiera cass, and bowed to her, during a previous rebel attack. She promises to herself that if Maxon survives, she will allow him to call her ” my dear. Two leaders of the Northern rebels, a man and a woman, arrive at the palace, taking advantage of the King’s absence for a business trip in France, and demands to speak secretly to Maxon and America.


Before it happens though, a guard arrives, announcing to America about her father’s death, due to a heart attack. America realizes that the necklace Kriss wears depicts the North Star, revealing that she is also a Northern rebel. He then gives her a beautiful engagement ring, a escolha kiera cass asking her to marry him. During a date with Maxon, he takes her up to the roof of the palace, where they both get wet under the rain and share secrets with each other.

America’s mother dismisses May and Gerad from the room, and asks for Kenna, Kotaand America to stay. Close to death, he apologizes to America for almost not choosing her, saying that he loves her to his last breath and that his heart belongs to her, so she can ” break it a thousand times if she likes.

They get a escolha kiera cass, almost to their underwear, with America telling him that she loves his back scars, because they are a sign of his love for her. The next morning, when Maxon begins tickling America and she screams because of this, Aspen barges into her room and catches them during this semi-intimate moment in their underwear.

Marlee and her husband Carter are restored to her castes, as the attendants of the royal couple. When they meet each other, Georgia explains to Nicoletta the goals of the Northern a escolha kiera cass and asks her to fund their weapons so a escolha kiera cass can fight the Southerners.

Retrieved from ” http: She happily accepts his proposal. King Clarkson angrily forces Maxon to kick America out of the Selection, but Maxon insists that she a escolha kiera cass now too popular to leave. She then gives each of them a letter from their a escolha kiera cass that he wrote before his death. Maxon simply sleeps next to her, both of them feeling safe and loved.